We are arms vendors from the Philippines specialized in selling ghost guns.If you are not familiar clean guns never used and untraceable not pre owned. We have hand guns up for around $650. (Berettas, Colts, H&K and The Steyr). We also can do special bulk orders 10> guns or more if requested. Discreet shipping always. Free tracking on all firearm related sales. For stealth reasons guns would be completely disassembled and shipped in either customer electronics casings such as printers or large box tv sets. Or in a music instrument case with a false hard bottom. We ship from the USA and Philippines. Shop link dncoltlgkr4xbnsy.onion For orders or inquires: danau1911@protonmail.com regards, Danaucolt team

danau1911@protonmail.com .


western European countries within 2-5 working days
Asia between 7-12 working days
Oceania has the same time frame (AUSTRALIA AND Zealand)7-14
North America within 5-8 days
Eastern Europe and Russia 8-12 days